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Hold the Fire

TODAY IS EXACTLY 1.040 DAYS since me and Peter started on the 101 journey. To some of you that might sound like a long time. But during this period, we have been able to record 18 songs, involving 99 artists so far. I started making records with Peter back in 1981 (almost 16.000 days ago). And we have kept on exploring new territories together. This is a great way of keeping a friendship alive. So, thanks Peter for a lifetime of co-creation!

This is “Hold the Fire”, that 32 friends have played an active role in creating. The great trio Nidoja created the musical platform that all others could build on. In the end credits, you can see that artists come from all corners of the world. Our dancers were filmed in the Brazilian rain forest.

AN OLD PROVERB CAME TO MY MIND when I edited this video::

” To a person who only owns a hammer – everything looks like a nail.”

(Abraham Maslow)

WE NEED WORLD LEADERS WITH VISIONS that take all of us humans and the planet into account. One can wonder, do such wise leaders still exist? Yes, of course they do. But they need our support to get a democratic platform to work from and to be able to have an impact on our joint future.

SO, HOW COME that such a big share of humans instead give their mandate to leaders that spark division and aggression? Especially in a time when so many issues need to be solved in collaboration on a global level? Populistic leaders get wide support by offering simple solutions to complex problems.

THESE SO-CALLED "SOLUTIONS" may consist of …

... dividing entire countries, philosophies, religions or ethnic groups into good or evil

... closing borders and pretending that water, air and humans will never cross them.

... thinking that a country should be run like an aggressive business enterprise.

... claiming that a small, specific group of people are conspiring against all of humanity and that putting those in jail or worse, will solve everything.

... insisting that total individual freedom is the same as democracy.

... or believing that a dictator is willing and able to serve humanity.

THERE HAVE BEEN TIMES IN MODERN HISTORY when sparks of violence fuelled an increasingly spreading fire that no-one could stop. But it does not have to happen every time. When I grew up in the sixties, world leaders made some crucial agreements that prevented a cold war from turning into a nuclear war.

SO, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT, is still an open question. It depends on the tools and wisdom that the people who are in power possess. Some of them are leaders that has been elected. And some are just narcissistic bullies, who forced their way up to the top.

HOMO SAPIENS HAS BEEN AROUND FOR 300.000 YEARS. Our unique ability to collaborate has taken us to a point in history that is truly amazing. We are not only capable of destroying life on our planet. We are also able to find wiser and more sustainable ways for survival and co-existence.


Nobody can do everything.

Everybody can do some little thing.

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