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Song of the Glacier • "A voice from 300 meters below the surface"

Ugo Nanni is an exceptional scientist with a big heart and a great mind. He belongs to a new breed of researchers that do not just publish their findings in scientific publications and speak at conferences. Ugo has been collecting data from a glacier near Svalbard for many years and he wants to give it a voice that reaches anybody on the planet who wants to listen. So, he put a microphone 300 meters below its surface and recorded something that reminds me of whale songs. When he posted these sounds on the net, he managed to touch many more souls.

When we heard the sound of this melting glacier, we contacted Ugo and also Jan Yngwe, who is the leader of Vocal Art Ensemble of Sweden.  We asked if they were willing to collaborate in creating a piece together. This became ”Song of the Glacier” which is now part of ”101 Flames of Inspiration”.

The message of this piece is a rather sad and heavy. But some aspects of this story also gives us hope and inspiration: There are so many people like Ugo and Jan who are willing to collaborate for a good cause across all borders, regardless of professions, organisations and politics.

This glacier is near Svalbard. It is the same island where the Global Seed Vault is located. There they are collecting all seeds that are important to humanity and our planet, so that their genes are protected from extinction and saved for the future.

Nobody can do everything - Everybody can do something.

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