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Season of Awakening • "How do you know when a painting is ready?"

How do you know when a painting is ready?

Anyone who is creating something, probably considers this at some point. When to push forward? When to stop?

Season of Awakening is number 7 out of 18 songs that we have recorded for ”101 Flames of Inspiration”.

This time it started with a Persian style ballad, performed by four friends in Istanbul.

The piece is composed by Niki Yaghmaee and Omid Rajabi. The lyrics are written by Hasan Khodadoost. It is quite soft song and I really love the Persian kamānche, played with a bow.

Translating lyrics is always a delicate task. Therefore I spent long time consulting with several persons that are fluent in Farsi, to see how we could do an interpretation in English, without loosing the flavour and core message.

We also discussed at length about which other instruments might fit into this delicate ambient. We invited Francisco Grillo from Caracas who added a soft trumpet that blended in well. A double bass by Pecka also seemed obvious.

Then we let it rest for months, until we decided to see if a flute and a Japanese koto could broaden the spectrum of sounds just a little bit. That is when we felt that it was complete.

Nothing more to add. Or to take away.

A painting that leaves some strokes silent.

We hope that you also will like it.

Thanks for keep coming back and listening!

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