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El Aire ”Why does this song give us goose bumps?”

We asked Paula Domínguez to draft a song for the 101 initiative. I felt immediately that it was quite special. When I listened again the next day, it kept giving me goose bumps. I couldn’t really tell why. Not until I started editing this video. ”El Aire” makes me think about what unites us all. But also about the waves of dramatic news that are washing over us every day. They arrive from all parts of the planet. Wherever there are bad things happening, we are sure that the algorithms will put them on top of everything else.

So, how do we react when we hear about disasters that are far away from us?

Some experience the chain of awareness > empathy > compassion, making us wanting to help those who are in need, in some way.

Others may feel guilt and worry. It could be a sense of guilt about having a decent life, while others suffer. But also worrying about what might happen to themselves in the future.

This is a dilemma.

Should we try to help, in some small or bigger way?

Or just try to forget about what is beyond our own horizon?

And some people identify so completely with others pain, that it becomes unbearable for them. So, the only way to cope is to focus on giving love and attention to the ones that are near them. This is of course perfectly fine.

But there are also many beautiful things that happen near and far.

We can experience this every day. You find it in nature, in culture, in new research and methods that lead to more sustainable solutions. And also when observing how the vast majority of ordinary people on our planet actually interact in peaceful and constructive ways. This a miracle, considering how many we are.


”El Aire” features:

Paula Dominguez from Barcelona,

Antonie Veskovski from Skopje

Miguel Velazquez Matijasevic from Bogotá

and my dear co-producer Peter Danielsson from Bromma

Thanks very much also to Peter Östlund, who helped me with the video!

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