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Meeza Rako • “Home is anywhere where we grow, learn and develop”.

Now, after more than 1000 days of collaboration with musicians worldwide, I am amazed of how similar we think and feel. We have basically the same hopes and worries about our friends & families and our planet. Every day I get calls and messages that confirm this.

Music is one of the purest ways to communicate with each other, regardless of religion, politics, cultural background, or age. It can reach beyond all borders. Therefore, it has been such a delightful journey to facilitate the co-creation of 18 world fusion song.

The main singer of this song is Akiiki. Her home is both in Vårberg (Sweden) and Kampala (Uganda). Very different places one might think. But she is completely fluent in Luganda, Swedish and English, so it is very easy for to connect on a deep level with friends and family, wherever they might live.

I talked to Akiiki about this, and I can relate to this strong and strange feeling of having more than one home. My home is in Kiruna, Ludvika, Yekepa, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Dublin, Almuñécar, Uppsala and Giovinazzo, because I spent several years in each of those places. The people I met in these societies has played a significant role in shaping who I am today. This is something that I am very grateful for.

May we see more light in the tunnel during the coming year.

May we be able to spread just a little bit of hope to each other.

May we find some small, unexpected ways of helping others when they need it.

Digging where we stand.

Our journey continues!

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